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B R A I N   L A C E

SELECTED POEMS - this book was published in 2018 by BareBackPress

P L U G G E D - I N 


The machine stirs

The camera is on 




His male brooding

One of those dark

Plugged-in souls


At each end – wasteland 

This discontent

Our breeding ground


I'm pouring wine over the laptop keys

Down the wires 

To intoxicate you 

To fuck with you

Dressed up for you

I’m infiltrating

Your stress is visible

T E M P L E 


Bleach my cunt 

The spinning vortex

Of slut crystals

That started all this


You are a little brain slut

And your cunt is in your brain

Where your conscience should be


Slut crystals spinning

Edges shredding 

Unnecessary head cells


I often wake up choking

Need no blockage

Inject bleach into my brain

Wipe the disc

C L O U D   I I 


Seed to flower to seed

To flower to seed to flower 


The great lotus

Feeding chain 


Navel to brain to navel

To brain to navel to brain


He bares a man inanimate

Needing fed


A promise of ecstasy

Is made


Probing his dissonance

It pollinates



Seed to brain to seed



He swears 

He didn’t think it




Were already growing 

Out of my ribs

No going back

Can’t take back a thought 

Hyperpink bitch extensions 

Spraying out of my gut

Clawing for the thoughtform

I think I’m stronger

Than my self-control 

C L O U D   I I I


I should be at work

Window open 

This hot satin afternoon 

Room evaporates into


Milk on the breeze 


The tree trunk

Expands and contracts 


My ribcage

Expands and contracts 



Where the trees give milk

In return for nothing 


Milk the tree

Milk the tree

Milking the tree

Milking it

Up and down 

In my best earnest 

Milk on satin

Is the exquisite dress 

To sleep in


C L O U D   I V


I had a dream

You were bleeding from the gut

She was nursing you

I was driving the bus


You are trying to make it stop





In your torso

Down to your cock

It’s all in your head

In a crevice

At the source of it


R I P 


Little girls

If you played with Barbie

Listen to this

You’ll want it

You’ll beg a higher power

You’ve been

Biologically programmed

To be driven over

By a truck-man

It’s so fucking romantic

You’ll rip your fucking hair out

You’ll stand outside yourself

Some long bastard night

The ejaculating painball

On that bed

Is you 

S U T R A   O F   T H E   C O M P U T E R   B O D Y













A grey wall

Between us

Frames of decay


Sinking into a thought 

I don't want to accept


While my body is young 

Ripe in the midday sun

An urge to burn

Unbearable suchness


In the ashes

In the quantum

When our bodies

Finally break down


The matter between us 

Will not exist 


The oceans 

The wrong turns

The deeds




We miss all the love

Its impermanence 

T H E   T I N T


Months of

Fuck blur


When this flush leaves us

When the tint lifts 

When we can feel again 

Something outside of this 


We'll walk through the remains

Look what it took

To immortalise urgency 


We turned to stone 

At him and her 

As stone you crush


And their hearts were mortal

Mashable flesh 

A C T   I


In my bardo

I watched the sex act

At the membrane


Everyone who came before

Came by the act 

In the act 


I watched 

A young man

A young woman


In love


Made in love

Of love and of milk 


Organs made of 

A pump of milk


Hidden tubes 

Carriers of love


From the father 

To the mother

From the mother

To the infant

Mine to him

You must 

Beat his balls 

with sharp objects

Until he cries and cries 

your name and

Cries trying to clutch at you 

for comfort 

Someone stays adrift 

in their bardo 

His sperm drips out 

of the slice 



He is calm

He is on my breast now

F O U R   F A C E S


In our domesticity


1. Bastard you

2. Ugly me


Our darkest positioning


I wanted to stay beautiful forever

You are malforming me


3. Nice you

4. Nice me


Drunken slaves

Our boat sails

In mirrored rivers

We throb perverse 

The four of us 



Our love is our baby
The baby we’ll never have 

A hundred years ago
We’d have fourteen kids 

You’d come home
Hands and feet black
To a room full of love 


Our love was a foetus
Pink glowing angel mix of us 

You put it inside me
To incubate
A digital lifeform
I could see through my skin 


The birth was hard 

It’s in our hands 

Sometimes mine 

Sometimes yours 

Sometimes both
We have dreams for it 


It cries 

A P E X 


We’re in

Arms and eyes and mouths 

And Lawyer talk

Cyst in the pit of my liver

With teeth

And little cunt ducts flexing

Acid projectile

Come down

You’re bankrupt

Give me the peak


Man saying sad words

Trying to keep me 


I know how God feels

In receipt of

All those 

Private prayers

At night 

C L O U D   I X


You look so peaceful

Supine weak in my dream 

I put my mouth on yours 

You think I'm going to kiss you 

I can’t do that

In the warm space 

I spoke into your mouth

From the outside it looked like a kiss 

Spoke every vile hate thought 

You've brought up in me 

Every one

A whisper from an abusive mother

To a child she wishes she never had 

Isn't she so loving to him

Kissing him slow so deliberate

Telling the child he is worthless 

And he ruined my life

K A R M A   M A N 


Living my karma

Via you


I asked to be degenerate

And life brought

Your constant dissolution


I chose my

Innate ability to harm myself

Can learn every lesson but this selfish

Drive to have the spectrum

Of intense


Like karma 

My punishment memory

Is long

When your time comes

Don’t cry for sympathy

You picked first

You were fully grown

You entered our vow to

Execute sufficient misery 



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