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You must listen

I catch this male apparition

Nude and healthy and animal-legged

Taunting for the hunting


It is down below I feel you

It is there I hear your song


You are in my sleep

I come for you in the morn

I need you to show me nature

More than just this wooded glen


It is down below I feel you

It is there I hear your song


I’m riddled with this

I’m riddled 

I can dance

I can be a woman

I can be a little girl

I can be an animal

I can scream louder than you can

I need you Pan

I will lick your hindquarters clean

Take me, I plead

It is down below I feel you

It has been two thousand years


You must listen

Winter will soon thin the wood

And my sleeps will grow deeper

And I will find you


By Marc Brüseke and Karina Bush 

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Alone with him

No eyes but mine

The hum of his marrow

Only perceptible

When their grey monied eyes

Are turned away

From his function


And so I move closer

And the wheat heaves

And it swells

And the poppies seep

And the butterflies drink the flowers

And lightly fuck

Drunk in the Sun


And the ants carry jewels

For Queens

And reincarnation

All the insects know

And the light of decomposition knows

And the soil rumbles

And his soft bread mouth opens

And his wheatsheaf glistens



A flow—male milk

For me

He is emptied of it all

I am new


He showed before I 


Risen in spirit

I am alone 


Then I probe


I must follow

I must delve 


Then I probe

Slot onto the cord

Settle there



I'm running away

I tremble

Squeal and squirm

Like a little pig

Getting caught 

By the farmhand

A young man

Ten times my strength

A young man

In the prime of his youth

A young man 

With a firm hand

Doing the things 

The old farmer can't

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